Philippe [of 11abacus] did a comprehensive review of the coding on my site. He did an amazing job. It was very thorough and very, very insightful. It was all documented clearly and professionally. It will help me greatly and I will use all the knowledge he gave me. He is an expert at web programming and he really knows his stuff! He completed the project very quickly and was a pleasure to work with. I recommend him for all of your projects as you won't be let down. Thanks Philippe!

Myke A. - vgot.com

Superior Web Application Development

Here at 11abacus we thrive to provide our customers with low-cost high-quality web-based database-driven applications. Our favorite web solution consists of  the programming/scripting language PHP, with a MySQL back end database. The advantages of the PHP/MySQL combination are multiple:

We have more than 17 years of experience with web-related technologies. This means we started dealing with the world wide web when it only started to become popular and well before e-commerce was even imagined.

We are also PHP, HTML and JavaScript master-level certified to guarantee the quality our work.

We can provide you with the following services:

web development, security audit, PHP code review, best practices, coding rules